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Vintage M-65 Jacket Liner Cold Climate - Small Regular

AUD $69.00

The M-65 jacket took the place of it's predecessor, the M-51, in 1965.  Its most notable enhancements included a built-in hood that could be folded into the collar and velcro on the sleeve cuffs and collar. Like the M-43 and M-51, the jacket had four generous pockets and was meant as a waterproof layering piece. It had internal buttons to allow the addition of a cold climate liner and button-holes on the collar for a separate extreme-weather hood.

This cold climate polyester liner is an authentic service issued liner that completes an M-65 Jacket for use in cold weather.  Depending on need, the liner can either be attached or stripped to best suit climate changes across a variety of seasons, and makes for a great addition to any modern wardrobe.  When stripped, the liner doubles up as a layering jacket.  Lightweight and comfortable, and an easy throw on over your contemporary basics. 



Liner Outer Covering - 100% Nylon

Liner Batting - 100% Polyester

New Old Stock (unworn) 

Size - Small Regular


* Vintage M-65 Jacket not included. Liner ONLY 

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