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Kitagawa Village Yuzu Kingdom Crushed Yuzu Syrup

AUD $34.00

This syrup has a marmalade-like consistency with a strong Yuzu flavour, not too sweet, it contains 13% yuzu peel for added texture. Hugely popular in Japan, it is used in hot water or cold soda water for a refreshing drink. Its sweet, luscious texture makes it perfect to mix with ice cream or yoghurt, or to use as a decadent syrup to pour over cakes or use in pastries. Use it in a vinaigrette or ceviche to add a sweet hit with a distinctive Yuzu tang.

A bartender's best friend, it can add complex flavour to Shochu or sake, but it really comes into its own when used in cocktails. A little dash of this will add an elegant mystery element to anything from a simple whisky sour to fruity, exotic creations. 

Weight: 480ML
Origin | Japan

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