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Zulu 3 Ring Nylon Watch Strap - Grey

AUD $35.00

This heavy duty 3-ring nylon watch strap is one long strap and is generally thicker and stronger than a standard NATO strap with the larger rounded ZULU buckles. Anti-abrasive smooth finishing. Nylon straps are waterproof and washable

Originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), the strap was actually named G10 because of the service personnel's form they had to complete in order to receive one. Its popularity amongst other regiments led to other colours & patterns.

Traditional, durable, easily interchangeable and well suited to sporting activities, the double pass design along with fixed Stainless steel keepers ensures optimum security once fitted.

Heavy duty ballistic nylon watch strap for maximum durability. Anti-abrasive smooth finishing. Nylon straps are waterproof and washable. 


  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel buckles and holders
  • Buckles and holders are secured with heat welding. Suitable for most watches.
  • 13 heat-sealed buckle holes to adjust to any wrist size
  • Length: 34cm
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